Meet The Team
Michelle M. Marsh, QKA

President &

Chief Visionary Officer

Business Office

Ronda K. Bernath, QKA

Business Manager

Andrew M. Wyckoff

Head of Systems & Database Management

Mary F. Squier

Accounts Receivable Specialist


Mike R. Watkins, ARPC, PRP

New Business

Development Director

Samantha M. Diggs

Marketing Director &

Internal Sales Specialist


Robyn D. Pequignot

Document Consultant &

Installation Manager

Cecilia J. Sanborn

Sr. Installation Coordinator

Plan Document Processor

Carol L. Jarvis


Suzy T. Guck, ERPA, QKA

Manager of Operations &

Senior ERISA Consultant

Lisa R. Bowser, ERPA, QKA

Sr. ERISA Consultant

Jennifer E. Deffenbaugh, QKA

Sr. ERISA Consultant

Stefanie M. Hallett, QKA

ERISA Consultant

Holly M. Rust

ERISA Consultant

Carolyn S. Smock

Sr. Assistant ERISA Consultant

Cyndy A. Sembach

Assistant ERISA Consultant

Chris A. Stiltner

Assistant ERISA Consultant

About Me

Kristi J. Powell

Distribution Specialist