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The knowledge and expertise of the team at RPCSI has been extremely valuable to our company over the years.  We confidently reach out to our Senior ERISA Consultant for advice and to verify accurate interpretation of the IRS rules and changes.  The service received from RPCSI has been nothing but outstanding and we look forward to working with their friendly and responsive team for years to come.

Mary Jean Siefring/Cooper Hatchery, Inc.

Holly at RPCSI has been very prompt when we have had questions in the past... and some of the questions have not been simple ones. She is very knowledgeable and knows how to find answers if she does not have the answer at her fingertips. There are so many avenues to navigate with respect to retirement programs. RPCSI has helped immensely ensuring we are compliant and receive a great benefit for ourselves, as owners, as well as the team. Holly was very helpful in employing an actuary when we were contemplating moving to a Cash Balance plan. She ran 3 to 4 scenarios of contributions for us so we could make a determination. I am very pleased with the services and knowledge I have received working with RPCSI. I cannot imagine navigating the retirement plan waters without them. In fact, when we switched financial investors, we said we wanted to keep RPCSI as our TPA. We were informed our financial advisors were very familiar with RPCSI's excellent care of other clients.

Gary L. Bacon/Bacon, D.D.S.

I have worked with RPCSI for several  years and they are always quick to respond to any of my requests for assistance. RPCSI is a very professional company and I can count on them 100% to get the job done in a quick, thorough and efficient manner.

Mary Ann Cox/Andy Mohr Automotive

We have been impressed with the high degree of professionalism and accuracy with which Retirement Plan Concepts and Services Inc. exhibits in all aspects of our relationship. As a company involved in investment opportunities in various businesses, it is important for us to have a trusted advisor on whom we can depend for accurate and timely information and reporting, as well as, to answer questions relating to 401 (k) plans on companies we are evaluating as potential investment opportunities. We have found Retirement Plan Concepts and Services Inc. to well exceed the bar in providing those services to us. We also appreciate their very timely and accurate responses to questions that arise, especially in investment situations and decisions that are time-sensitive. We highly recommend Retirement Plan Concepts and Services Inc. and would be happy to speak with you further should you wish

Jennifer L. Wilson, Vice President/North River Capital

After witnessing the type of service and expertise that RPCSI gave to my retirement plan clients over the last 20 years, when I started my own firm and implemented my own plan I could think of using no one else than RPCSI.  I was raised that customer service was the most important and valuable item you could give a client.  I have always received superior customer service from any member of RPCSI that I’ve interacted with.  Having a dedicated administrator for all of the plans that I have allows me to be efficient and set accurate expectations for my clients.  Great service, reasonable pricing, and a willingness to solve problems no matter how big or small, is why I do business with RPCSI.

Christopher Keen AIF/Perspective Financial Group

With RPCSI, I never have to wonder or worry whether or not something will be taken care of in an accurate, honest, and timely way because it always is! Each of the persons who assist our plan shows themselves as having high standards of dedication and professionalism. Our account manager is wonderful to work with. She is our ‘go-to’ for any questions we have and consistently demonstrates her thorough knowledge of everything related to 401k plan management and administration. Her always patient and positive attitude and thorough and straightforward explanations are much appreciated. Thank you so much!

Lynn Z./Client Company, HR & Benefits Spc.

I have been working with Holly at RPCSI for 2+ years now. Last year she assisted me on a big project regarding lost opportunity earnings and she made the whole process very easy. She is always so helpful when I work with her on the annual 401k audit and she answers any questions quickly and thoroughly.

Abby Mishler/Niblock Excavating, Inc.

Michelle, you and your team are a tremendous resource for us. We appreciate your knowledge and service.

Andrew D. Minnich, AIF/Leman Financial Advisors, Inc.

I am happy to recommend the high-quality services of RPCSI. I really value their customer service, expertise and knowledge. They are willing to research and explain my questions in a timely and professional manner. RPCSI is by far one of the finest companies I have worked with.

Amy Almon/First Farmers Bank & Trust

RPCSI was the best TPA I worked with and understood that we had a common goal and it was to get issues resolved without all of the finger-pointing.

Plan Manager/Investment Product Vendor

I enjoyed working with all of you. RPCSI was intimidating at first because it's so high profile on this end, but as it turned out, RPCSI was my easiest TPA to work with because of everyone at your office. 

Plan Manager/Investment Product Vendor

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