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Required Employee Communications

Ensure Company Goals Are Met

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Employee participation is key to the success of any retirement plan. One of the reasons why employers implement a retirement plan is to take care of their employees and possibly give them incentives to stay employed with your firm.

If your employees are not excited about their retirement plan, your company's long-term goals will not be met.

Employee Communication is vital to the success of your plan and in many instances, there are mandatory communications required by the IRS or the DOL.

The features determine the required communication(s) within your plan.

The following MAY be required employee notices: Blackout Notice (for plan conversions), Safe Harbor Notice, Qualified Default Investment Notice (QDIA), Automatic Contribution Arrangement (ACA) Notice, Eligible ACA (EACA) Notice, Qualified ACA (QACA) Notice, Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) Procedure, Loan Procedure, Supplemental Benefit Statement, Summary Plan Description and Summary of Material Modifications.

RPCSI is here to help you comply with all the Plan document-related notices required for your Plan to ensure your plan remains qualified and complies with all the IRS and DOL Notice requirements.

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