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One Size Does Not Fit All

One size does not fit all when it comes to the design of a retirement plan. Our use of Prototype and Volume Submitter Documents allows our plan design consultants to customize a retirement plan tailored to you and your company's objectives.
A well-designed retirement plan not only gives employees a way to build a financially secure future, but it also is a valuable tool for the employer to obtain and retain quality employees.
Whether creating a new plan or redesigning your existing one, we will review and analyze your company's needs and budget to develop a retirement plan that is a perfect fit.


  • We can provide a detailed analysis, at no cost to you, illustrating how the retirement plan can benefit your employees as well as the company. The company will be able to take a tax deduction and reduce their tax liability by increasing contributions in a retirement plan.

  • We will provide comprehensive consultation to discuss your retirement plan objectives.

  • We can also provide consulting to you in regards to plan features, investment providers and fiduciary responsibilities.

  • We believe in earning your trust and confidence and therefore we do not charge for plan designs.

  • Once we have designed a customized plan, you can then decide if our design meets your company's needs and
    aligns with your budget.

Prototype and Volume Submitter Documents

Prototype Documents

These documents are pre-approved by the Internal Revenue Service under the Master and Prototype program. A Master and Prototype consists of a Basic Plan Document and an Adoption Agreement. The Basic Plan Document contains the language for all the non-elective provisions. The Adoption Agreement contains the options which may be selected as elective provisions by the adopting employer. A Master/Prototype can be standardized or non-standardized.

Standardized Document
This document is designed to satisfy the IRS minimum coverage requirements. It provides limited choices, but these documents are pre-approved by the IRS, thus reducing the complexity of plan implementation.

Non-Standardized Document
This type of document provides a bit more flexibility than a Standardized Document. While it allows more options in plan design, it is also a cost effective document option.

Volume Submitter Plan Document

This is very similar to an individually-designed plan. There is no separate Adoption Agreement as with a Master/Prototype. All the provisions are actually written into the document. If your plan requires even more flexibility, we also have the ability to use an "Enhanced" Volume Submitter Document for an additional price.

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