Important Information About Guest Posts and the Requirements Outline Above:

1. Post Requirements:

  • The content provided must offer value to our audience and create a positive perception of the RPCSI brand and blog. It must be clear, unique, and interesting. 

  • Outbound links must be limited to two or fewer and must link to relevant, related content. RPCSI must approve these outbound links. 

  • As outlined above, the post must be 500-700 words, must be original work by the author, and must be unique to RPCSI. 


2. Post Submission:

  • Upon approval of your request, you may begin writing your guest post.

  • Please submit your guest post as an attachment to an email (email address will be provided).

  • As stated above, your post will be reviewed and if any edits are deemed necessary, those changes will be made and a copy will be sent to you.

  • At that time, your post is ready for publication and will be scheduled for publishing. We will make you aware of the publication date.

  • As stated above, guest posts may be removed from the RPCSI blog at any time, for any reason.

3. Post Publication:

  • As discussed above, there is an expectation that the author will be sharing this guest post with their social media followers and other readership.

  • While we encourage you to share your guest post on your social media sites, or as backlinks within other relevant articles, we prohibit the publication of your guest post on any website other than RPCSI.

  • If we learn that it has been republished on any other site, we will remove it from RPCSI. Please note that this may also disqualify you from writing a guest post for RPCSI in the future.

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